Typehouse Literary Magazine Issue 15



Fiction by:
Tara Potter, Ann Hillesland, Brian Randall, Meredith Bailey, Nooks Krannie, Daniel Kennedy, Callum McSorley, Erik Bergstrom, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, Joseph Moldover, Angie Ellis and Robert P. Kaye.

Nonfiction by:
Steve Owen and JP McMonagle.

Poetry by:
Gene Twaronite, Robert Fillman, Matthew Smart, Jacob M. Appel, Soren James, Dane Hamann, Terry Ann Thaxton, Charles Kell, Casey Killingsworth, Barbara Krasner, Fabiyas M V, Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal and Thomas R. Moore.

Artwork by:
Jj D’Onofrio, Karyna Aslanova, Fabio Lastrucci and Tracy L. Lyall.

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